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The Hex19 Geekcast Ep. 34 - Pokemon Wood

While Brett relaxed on the beaches of Kauai, the rest of the Hex19 team recorded yet another episode of the Geekcast. This week we discuss the Mass Effect 3 demo, the flaws of a Guiness world record, and the PS Vita launch. We also provide our answers on various geek culture questions in the new "Reddit Roundtable." If you have a question or comment for the hosts of Hex19, be sure to send an email to Also, subscribe to Hex19 in iTunes or via RSS to get each episode automatically delivered to your personal listening device.

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Mana Pool (3:40)

Adventure Time
Glenn Loads His Google Docs
Tribes Ascend Beta
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Gotham City Impostors
Weekend Confirmed 100
The Simpsons #500
Louis CK on Parks and Rec
The Walking Dead
Fear Itself 

SitRep (18:45)

Mass Effect 3 Demo Released
- Bioware/EA

Call of Duty Black Ops Sets World Record for "Best Ending in a Video Game"
- SlashGear

PS Vita Launches, Portable Call of Duty in the Works
- Joystiq 

Critical Hit - Reddit Roundtable (36:50)

If you could design a dream game, what would it be?

What games hit you with the most sense of nostalgia?

What is the best trilogy of all time?

What lines from movies/tv/video games do you quote in real life?

What are your biggest gaming guilty pleasures?

Do you think point and click adventure games will become popular again?

FTL Drive (1:06:40)

Music: 4th Movement of the Odyssey (Performed by Incubus)" from Halo 2 Vol. 1 and "The Future Soon" by Jonathan Coulton

Duration: 1:15:30
Size: 43.8 MB
Format: 80kbps MP3

Hosts: Glenn MeyerYuri Walkiw, and Aaron Raham

The Hex19 Geekcast Ep. 34 - Pokemon Wood

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Reader Comments (1)

Give KOA a CHANCE! ;) Seriously though, once you start to make big changes to some of the bigger factions you'll be amazed by how the story starts to change around you because of your fate-powers. That part is really cool. Plus the lore-stones start to make sense as you find more of the IN the dungeon where the story is self-contained.

I think they did limit Salvatore too much by trying to keep all the in-game text, speech, too short. I agree that the voice acting is a let-down.

I like the art, myself. If I were playing a dude character, I'd likely agree with you. The males in the game are horrible. I think the landscape while way more stylistic than let's say, Skyrim, is really beautiful. It will feel a lot less like the starting zones of WOW when you transition to the next zone, which is very cool looking (though I'll admit, reaks of Durotar... so horde starting-zone). The transition was pretty significant though so I'm sure other zones will be just as different.

I'm finding it addicting now. ;)

Dream game: Bethesda or Blizzard world-building and freedom with Bioware character development. Hands down - done - AWESOME. I want it NOW!

March 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDreyja/Heather

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