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The Hex19 Geekcast Ep. 27 - Free For All

The 2011 awards season is fast approaching. As a result, this week's episode of The Hex19 Geekcast features a discussion on awards, as well as a planning session for The Hex19 Awards. We also talk about piracy, The Dark Knight Rises news and Notch stepping down from the lead dev position at Minecraft. Additionally, Glenn gives his Battlefield 3 first impressions. The easiest way to download and listen to Hex19 is via iTunes. You can also subscribe directly to our RSS feed, or use the streaming options below.

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Mana Pool (2:00)

Civilization V
Space Chem
Xbox Live Dashboard Update
"My Xbox Live" iPhone App
Breaking Bad Episode One
Halo: Reach
The S&M Rants
Saints Row The Third
Anno 2070
Battlefield 3 

SitRep (35:45)

Swiss Government Study - Downloading Leads to Sales
- BoingBoing

The Witcher 2 Pirated 4.5 Million Times
- PC Gamer

Xbox 360 Records Biggest Black Friday Ever
- Major Nelson

Notch Steps Down as Lead Minecraft Dev
- Word of Notch

Cyanide and Happiness Creating new TV Show
- Comedy Central

Dark Knight Rises to Contain 50 Minutes of IMAX Footage
- Slashfilm 

Critical Hit - Planning the Hex19 Awards (1:08:50)

It's almost the time of year when everyone picks their favorite movies, TV shows and video games. We discuss and make our plans for the 2011 Hex19 awards. What are your top fives for video games, movies and TV shows. Make a list and email it to and we'll read it on the show!

FTL Drive (1:33:20)

December 10: Spike VGAs
December 16: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
December 17: Playstation Vita Launches in Japan
December 20: Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches (Early Access on the 13th) 

Music: "In Motion" from The Social Network Soundtrack and "April Fool" by Manchester Orchestra

Duration: 1:44:22
Size: 60.3 MB
Format: 80kbps MP3

Hosts: Brett Commandeur, Yuri Walkiw, Glenn Meyer and Aaron Raham

The Hex19 Geekcast Ep. 27 - Free For All

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Reader Comments (1)

Good show and my thoughts on the awards you should only give 19 of them

December 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEric

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