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Fantasy Flight and CD Projekt Red Collaborating on 'Witcher' Tabletop Game

A tabletop game based on The Witcher franchise is in the works. CD Projekt Red, developer of the Witcher video games, is working with Fantasy Flight Games to create "The Witcher Adventure Game". It promises to have the Witcher's own brand of story telling, which will create a unique tale every time you play. There are four playable characters out of the box - Triss Merigold, Dandelion, Yarpen Zigrin, and the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. If the game is a success, you can probably expect that more will be added in an expansion. Within the game, dangerous quests, strange mysteries and epic monster hunts will all emulate the style of the video game franchise, as well as Andrzej Sapkowski's original novels.

You'd expect two things from a tabletop game based on an existing IP. The first assumption is that it wouldn't be very good. It could just be that years of playing licensed video games has taught us that anything based on a movie or TV show isn't worth touching with a ten foot pole. The second assumption is that it would be a less exciting and less interesting version of the property they are trying to reproduce. After all, how could rolling dice and moving pieces of cardboard and plastic be more exciting than the epic and cinematic battles of "The Witcher 2"?

However, Fantasy Flight Games has repeatedly crushed all expectations with its licensed titles. One of my favorite games of all time is the Battlestar Galactica tabletop game. The creators perfectly converted events from each episode of the TV series into scenarios that play out differently in each playtrhrough. The central mechanic of the game (trying to figure out the incognito cylons among you) does a great job of encapsulating the Battlestar series as a whole.

I can't wait to see what table game mechanics are used to replicate The Witcher. CD Projekt Red has been very ambitious in creating deep and rewarding combat and crafting mechanics in the video game, and I hope some of these can transfer to the tabletop experience. While I hope to see some of the same events from the video game retold, I hope that there are unique elements in the board game. It's clear that their visual art design is closely modelled after CD Projekt Red's interpretation of the novels, but more inspiration could be drawn from stories that exist only in Andrzej Sapkowski's literary works.

The game is slated for a worldwide release sometime in 2014. Android and iOS versions of the game have also already been announced. More information about the game, as well as the announcment teaser can be found on CD Projekt Red's Website.

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