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Evolve Alpha - Hex19 Playdate

Aaron Raham and Glenn Meyer of Hex19.com take a first look at the Evolve Alpha in the latest Hex19 Playdate. Evolve is an upcoming asymmetrical shooter from 2K and Turtle Rock where 4 players work together against a single powerful monster. It's scheduled for release on Februrary 10, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Thanks for watching!


Defense Grid 2 - Hex19 Playdate

Defense Grid: Awakening has been called the "best tower defense game of all time" by some of the Hex19 staff. We were very excited when the sequel was released earlier this month - Defense Grid 2. In this video, Aaron and Yuri take a first stab at DG Coordinated Defense, a new multiplayer mode where two people must work together to defend their cores. Glenn Meyer also joins in with commentary. Thanks for watching!


Forza Horizon 2 - Hex19 Playdate

In the latest Hex19 Playdate, Glenn Meyer takes Forza Horizon 2 for a spin on the Xbox One. Insanity ensues, including offroading in a Zelda Rally Fighter, Horizon Promos in midair, and an ill-advised attempt at drifting through Bucket List Challenge #15. Yuri and Aaron are also present on commentary. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to support us, it would help immensely if you subscribed to our YouTube channel!


CRAWL Part 2 - Hex19 Playdate

Because Yuri failed to defeat Kourok at the end of CRAWL Part 1, we had to publish a second video! Part 2 begins with Yuri suddenly on the defensive from monsters controlled by Aaron, Brett and Glenn. The deaths are frequent, and Kourok is challenged multiple times! Watch to find out if any of the Hex19ers are able to defeat Crawl's big bad beast. If you enjoyed our Crawl adventures, make sure to support us by leaving a thumbs up or subscribing on our YouTube.


Lethal League - Hex19 Playdate

It's Super Smash Bros. meets Baseball! Hex19 plays Lethal League - a 4 person multiplayer game available on Steam. Players try to smash each other with a anti-gravity ball that's sometimes moving at supersonic speeds! Thanks for watching.


Towerfall: Ascension - Hex19 Playdate

The gang from Hex19.com tests their archery skills in Towerfall: Ascension, a fantastic local multiplayer game developed by Matt Thorson. For this video, we used the Steam version with Xbox 360 gamepads. Thanks for watching! To support us, please leave a like or subscribe to our channel!


Crawl Part 1 - Hex19 Playdate

The Hex19 gang clashes against each other in CRAWL - a new local multiplayer dungeon crawler out now on Steam Early Access. This one puts a twist on the genre - one player controls the hero, while the other three plot his demise as monsters! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe or leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Part 2 of 2 will be releasing soon.

NHL 15 Calgary vs. ...Canada? - Hex19 Playdate

Hex19's Glenn, Brett and Yuri take control of Team Canada and face off against the Calgary Flames in an untraditional NHL 15 matchup. Watch as they work together to bring some pain to Alberta's most hated city. The results are, well, unexpected. Again, this NHL video was plauged by some audio issues - we hope it doesn't diminish your enjoyment of the coolest sport on earth.


Starwhal: Just the Tip - Hex19 Playdate

The Hex19 gang plays a few rounds of Breakfall's Starwhal: Just the Tip. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, this gem of a local multiplayer title was released on Steam early access. If you're a fan multiplayer insanity and would like to support a Canadian indie developer, definitely consider buying Starwhal: Just  the Tip on Steam. It's already fantastic, and it's constantly being improved. 



NHL 15 Ducks vs. Oilers - Hex19 Playdate

Hex19's Brett Commandeur and the Edmonton Oilers take on Glenn Meyer and the no longer mighty Ducks of Anaheim in NHL 15 on the Xbox One. Yuri Walkiw chimes in with some color commentary. We ran into some audio issues with our recording software while doing some NHL 15 videos, so the audio quality isn't quite at the level we want it. We promise improvements for future playdates!